The Blessings of Yoga Therapy with Ashrai


I came to Ashrai because of a longstanding pain and tightness in my left leg and thigh, which resulted from held emotional response to intense childhood trauma.

The purity and impeccability of Ashrai’s spiritual and physical presence, her skill and profound knowledge of the nervous system, the chakras, and the body enabled me to trust and open in ways that I have not previously experienced.

The effectiveness of every session and of all the ways she offered me to assist myself revealed how outstanding her skills and knowledge are.

The problems with which I came to her have been resolved in remarkable ways, and I am deeply grateful for the valuable contribution she has made in my life.

She has earned my deep respect and appreciation and I hope that limitless numbers of people will benefit from all that she compassionately offers.

~ M. Elliot


I received bodywork from Ashrai and I have to say it was amazing.  She works with such love and presence, and the work is so deep.  My body absorbed the healing touch .

~Scott Liess


Ashrai is the most amazing energy and body worker I’ve ever met she has the most loving sweet motherly energy. She also is super strong hands and really can work out those deep knots in the body while balancing your energy. Her knowledge and wisdom run so deep. I felt like I was in samadhi during the whole body work session. I can’t recommend her enough once you get work from her all other therapists will be inferior.

~Alika Medeiros


I have been a Massage Therapist for 17 years, teach massage therapy and have worked on 1000s of clients. Honestly, Ashrai is one of the best massage therapists I know. She is skilled and intuitive at the same time. Amazing hands, amazing heart. Wow.

~Narayani Gaia

I started doing yoga this year for the very first time and now do classes at least three times a week. Ashrai has been the teacher whose classes I enjoy the most. She is simply amazing and her spirituality has deeply affected me and my practice. She has individualized a program for me to do at home to strengthen my hip and shoulder area. It has been so helpful. She has a healing touch with her students and is nurturing and loving in a way that is most profound. I feel blessed that she has come into my life

~Darby Kushman

I tell everyone I know in the area to attend Ashrai’s restorative yoga class. After years of yoga from many different teachers her’s is the best I’ve ever found..by far. Her guidance is so skillful that my body finds absolute peace and ease in every pose. She’s gentle and powerful in the perfect balance. I always leave with my heart wide open and the feeling of floating on air. I couldn’t recommend her more highly!

~Leah Pearlman


Ashrai’s ability to compassionately assist someone through difficult times is amazing.  She really listens and tenderly holds space with an open heart.  Not only can she hold an objective position, she’s great at assisting in moving through situations with grace and understanding.  She really embodies the perfect combination of wisdom, love, and compassion.

~Ammora Grace
Love of Life Institute

My husband and I joined Ananda yoga in Scotts Valley about 3 months ago. When we decided to start to practice yoga, it was because of my husband’s health condition.

We met Ashrai as our yoga instructor. Ashrai is filled with warmth and vast knowledge of yoga history, anatomy, philosophy and spirituality. She is very caring and receiving her special attention during yoga practice, makes her even more special.

Back in Feb/2012 he had a knee surgery. After the surgery he was in more pain than ever. My husband, Nader, tried every possible treatment out there. I can start counting from physical therapy, chiropractor, and osteopathy and some other such as cortisone injections. His knee condition became worse by having additional stress in daily life. His physician and specialist were hopeless and our kitchen counter was full of different kind of medication. Not to mention that their side effects brought additional new worse conditions in to his health.

Since first day of his practice, he started to feel that his pain wares off and the severity of pain has changed dramatically.

More importantly yoga brought him more possibility to improve his health condition even more. He is able to go to long walks and do exercises that he wasn’t able to.

~Soheila Pourmand

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